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In Gone Fishing The Line, part two of the Gone Fishing trilogy, it is the fall of 1980, Ethel O’Connor finds that silence surrounds the mystery of her mother’s past. The letters and pictures in Momma’s box will lead Ethel from the quiet town of Oxford, Maine to the Maine State Prison and back to Piney Bluffs.  Who is Joseph, the boy in the picture with Momma?  What is the hidden meaning in the letters from him?  Is there more than meets the eye as Ethel learns about the untimely drowning of her mother’s best friend? Was it murder or was it an accident? The pages of her mother’s journal give Ethel a glimpse into part of her mother’s life. This is finally the knowledge that Ethel has thirsted for.  

As Ethel searches for the truth, she’ll meet a variety of new characters and discover that line still connects all of those involved. The Oxford town clerk Henry Blake, who knows more than he lets on. The assistant warden Mr. Osgood, a weaselly devious man.  A prison inmate Andre St. Pierre, who has been jailed for the drowning.  To compound Ethel’s anxiety, she and Charlie are trying to find an answer as to why their son EC isn’t walking. The doctors are trying to be optimistic, but Ethel isn’t convinced.

The warm colorful characters of Piney Bluffs, Caleb, Sadie, Miss Ruthie, Big Beulah and the rest, are always present to remind Ethel that she is exactly where she needs to be, to do the things she was meant to do.  


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Gone Fishing: The Line

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