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Jane Herr Desrosiers


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• The Gardener, the Old Man and the Cat


Gone Fishing Trilogy

The Gone Fishing Trilogy is the story of Ethel Koontz O’Connor.  Beginning in 1973, The Hook finds Ethel graduating from college and ready to take on the world of journalism in Boston.  Her father, who raised her, since her mother died in childbirth, has other ideas for her to stay in comfort of Piney Bluffs.  Her decision to stay shapes her future in ways that she had never imagined.  She learns about her mother in bits and pieces as her father, Eddy, opens the painful story of her mother Stephanie.  Uncovering a con artist who tries to dupe these lovely characters out of their homes, is just Ethel’s first adventure.  In The Line, Ethel continues to search for more information about her mother’s family.  Her search leads her to uncover a murder that may have imprisoned the wrong man for more than forty years ago.  As Ethel reveals her mother’s past, she and her father are faced with the harsh reality of an untold secret.  The Sinker will end Ethel’s search for the family that she yearned for.  She will find that family is not just by blood relation.  These stories will have the reader guessing at every turn of the plot as they are led through the phases of discovery, the price of silence and at last forgiveness.

Gone Fishing: The Sinker


A Keeper

November 12, 2019

I rate this series "a keeper" - meaning I would read it again...and again if I had the time! If you like a down to earth, interesting, "don't know what to expect next" story with characters that you become attached to then read this book. This book was difficult to put down once I started reading it. And it was enjoyable reading. My only disappointment is that this is the last book in the series. I will miss each of the characters as if they were friends who I will never have contact with. A special thanks to the author for including recipes for some of the bakery items described in the story. As I was reading I wanted to enjoy one of Ruthie's almond crescent cookies and it was such a treat to find the recipe at the end of the book. Definitely will bake some of them up soon!



Gone Fishing: The Line


Cast a line and you catch a good story!

April 30, 2019

I enjoyed reading this second book in the Gone Fishing trilogy. Ms. Desrosiers invites us into the life of Ethel, connecting us with her family, friends and challenges. For a small novel, it packs in a lot of story. We get to see how Ethel uses her inquisitive mind to connect people, contribute to her community, and solve a mystery. She even makes time to take part in the Woman’s Fishing Tournament. I am looking forward to reading her next book!

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