The Gone Fishing Trilogy is the story of Ethel Koontz O’Connor.  Beginning in 1973, The Hook finds Ethel graduating from college and ready to take on the world of journalism in Boston.  Her father, who raised her, since her mother died in childbirth, has other ideas for her to stay in comfort of Piney Bluffs.  Her decision to stay shapes her future in ways that she had never imagined.  She learns about her mother in bits and pieces as her father, Eddy, opens the painful story of her mother Stephanie.  Uncovering a con artist who tries to dupe these lovely characters out of their homes, is just Ethel’s first adventure.  In The Line, Ethel continues to search for more information about her mother’s family.  Her search leads her to uncover a murder that may have imprisoned the wrong man for more than forty years ago.  As Ethel reveals her mother’s past, she and her father are faced with the harsh reality of an untold secret.  The Sinker will end Ethel’s search for the family that she yearned for.  She will find that family is not just by blood relation.  These stories will have the reader guessing at every turn of the plot as they are led through the phases of discovery, the price of silence and at last forgiveness.

 Completely enjoyed this novel. Not only did I get to know the characters, I grew to like them and wanted to know more about their lives. The reader can identify with all. The location and time frame is also well described and portrayed. Having only have had two experiences with fishing myself, it has given me an appreciation for how and why people could enjoy it so much. I now want to get out on a lake and try again and I am looking forward to the next installment.

By DK on October 6, 2017




Excellent read. Author does a great job of developing the characters and easily transports us to Piney Bluffs, Maine. The main character is a strong, loyal woman of character and it was easy to come to care about her. Family, love, humor, suspense...this book has it all. Was a delightful read. I'll watch for the author's next release!

By CDG on March 10, 2017



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